What is Carboxy Therapy?

Carboxy Therapy is a safe, minimally invasive medical procedure, which gives improvements to the skin to improve skin texture, cellulite and firmness.

How does it work?

Carbon dioxide is injected under the skin by using a micro needle. As a result an increase in oxygen is delivered to the area which increases circulation and helps to move toxins and waste away and lead to reduction in cellulite as well as help with overall skin texture.

What areas can be treated?

Face and Body, including eye area to help improve dark circles and puffiness.

It is painful?

Some people can experience some mild discomfort and pressure.

Is Carbon Dioxide harmful?

No, it is a natural by-product of the body and is present in every cell in our body.

Are there any side effects?

There are minimal side effects, Sometimes there might be slight bruising or discomfort but usually disappear and resolve very quickly.

Is there any Down Time?

There is no down time.

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